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They brought machine guns, and started buying profiles at over each, even though it was unprofitable at these levels.And everyone in the business rushed out to follow, and spend as much money as possible.So I think that asking for more money than per month, to find a date is not unreasonable. I think that many companies are going to follow suit.

Third, dating sites will converge with social networking and content businesses. 21% browsed personal ads online, 13% posted personal ads, and 5% became paying members.

The second reason that media has skyrocketed is based on the auction based model of buying media popularized by companies like Overture and Google.

The company willing to spend the most money will be able to buy the most traffic.

The third reason for my optimism is that I think that we are getting better at addressing what the consumers need and what the consumer wants.

This insight, along with constant improvements to our products will lead to higher conversion rates for the industry as a whole, certainly better than 5%.

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An accurate analogy of what has been happening is almost like a war. He brought a gun, in a figurative sense, and then proceeded to lock up as much media as possible, securing exclusive deal after deal.

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