Virgos dating each other

While this trait works wonderfully well to ensure that Virgo partners lead a comfortable life together, one that is as much marked by clockwork precision as by material security, down the line they might feel their relationship lacking in something.

And this ‘something’ in all likelihood will be a sense of emotional belonging, of being connected to each other on a deeper level than everyday companionship or occasional sex.

Then again the Virgo is a mutable sign which means that they are quite flexible and thus can be expected to adjust well to each other’s personality traits and priorities in a relationship.

Finally it is the combination of their sense of commitment together with their adaptability which serves to increase the chances of a Virgo finding lasting happiness with someone from their own zodiac sign.

On the plus side however, Virgos are imbued with a deep sense of commitment.

But done, according to the highest standards in their personal rulebook.

This is because they believe that if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

So when two Virgos begin dating, they are likely to take every care that everything is perfect – right down from the creases in their outfit when they out together to the ambience in the restaurant where they go to have dinner.

Being ruled by the planet Mercury who was the busy messenger of gods in Roman mythology, Virgos have a tendency to take on more responsibility than they can comfortably handle; as a result they drive themselves too hard and are often fraught with a kind of nervous anxiety.

This tendency in a Virgo-Virgo pairing can leave the couple barely any time to enjoy intimate leisure or an active social life.

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Each will expect the other to live up to their own high standards in almost all areas of their relationship which could range from organizing a party to bringing up their children.

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