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Simultaneously press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” and “Home” buttons for at least 10 seconds.

Depending on the original issue, the device should power on or take you to the “slide to power off” screen.

At the gathering, he was personally greeted by Trinity (she was the one who had summoned him on his computer) - she warned that he was in danger, whispering into his ear: "They're watching you, Neo." She knew about his life in front of the computer, stating: "You're looking for him." She said his search was similar to her earlier quest for "an answer" -- "It's the question that drives us, Neo. You know the question just as I did." He responded with the question he was seeking an answer to: "What is the Matrix? It's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to."The next morning, "Mr.

Anderson" was late for work at his software development company Metacortex in a downtown area, where he was a computer software programmer, and he was reprimanded by his boss Mr. In his cubicle, he received a Fed Ex envelope - inside was a ringing Nokia cellphone with Morpheus on the line: "I've been looking for you, Neo." Stating that they had "run out of time," Morpheus stressed that "they're coming for you and I don't know what they're going to do." Agents were already in his office ready to seize him -- and Neo was instructed by Morpheus on how to evade them by following specific directions.

Restoring your i Phone is a time consuming process that you should only undertake if your i Phone is still freezing after you’ve tried the previous steps.

Refusing to be scared and intimidated by them, Neo insisted on one phone call, but then found his mouth sealed shut and he was unable to speak. Anderson, whether you want to or not." A long, fiber-optic, insectoid-like, electronic wire tap, with tendrils and a tail, was placed on his stomach and burrowed into his belly-button. Morpheus then revealed his belief that Neo was actually a messianic One destined to save the world (proven right by film's end): "You are the One, Neo." He suggested meeting and instructed him to go to the Adams Street Bridge, where Trinity (with two others) picked him up in a black limousine.

By answering the phone just in time, she was transported out.

The Agents spoke about how they had an informant (Cypher), who had given them the name of their next "target" -- "The name is Neo."In the year 1999, hacker Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), with screen-name alias Neo, was asleep in front of his computer in his cluttered apartment, Room 101 - when the computer screen urged: "Wake up, Neo..." It further typed cryptic messages: "The Matrix has you..." and "Follow the white rabbit." He answered a knock on his door, where a friend named Choi (Marc Gray) (with girlfriend Dujour (Ada Nicodernou)) purchased an illegal computer disk from him for two grand.

If you still experience device problems after restoring from backup, restore your device and set it up as new.

This prevents software bugs from transferring from the backup and returning to your device.

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If you notice that your device freezes when running multiple apps, you can shut down the ones you aren’t using. Tap the minus sign to close the application, and then press the “Home” button twice to close the row.

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