Updating clause used in instead of trigger

*Action: Modify the underlying base tables directly.CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trg_cust_proj_view_insert INSTEAD OF INSERT ON customer_projects_view DECLARE duplicate_info EXCEPTION; PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT (duplicate_info, -00001); BEGIN INSERT INTO customer_details (customer_id,customer_name,country) VALUES (:new.customer_id, :new.customer_name, :new.country); INSERT INTO projects_details (project_id, project_name, project_start_Date, customer_id) VALUES ( :new.project_id, :new.project_name, :new.project_start_Date, :new.customer_id); EXCEPTION WHEN duplicate_info THEN RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR ( num= INSERT INTO customer_projects_view VALUES (1,'XYZ Enterprise','Japan',101,'Library management',sysdate); INSERT INTO customer_projects_view VALUES (2,'ABC Infotech','India',202,'HR management',sysdate); CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW company_vehicles_view AS SELECT company.company_id, company.company_name, CAST (MULTISET (SELECT vehicle.vehicle_id, vehicle.vehicle_model_name FROM vehicle_details vehicle WHERE vehicle.company_id = company.company_id ) AS vehicle_details_list_ ) vehiclelist FROM vehicle_mfg_company_details company; -- no error.Sentry One Newsletters The bi-weekly newsletter keeps you up to speed on the most recent blog posts and forum discussions in the SQL Server community.e News is a bi-monthly newsletter with fun information about Sentry One, tips to help improve your productivity, and much more.Summary: This article examines some surprising behaviour of INSTEAD OF triggers and reveals a serious cardinality estimation bug in SQL Server 2014.CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trg_comp_vehicles_view_insrt INSTEAD OF INSERT ON NESTED TABLE vehiclelist OF company_vehicles_view REFERENCING NEW AS Vehicle PARENT AS Company FOR EACH ROW BEGIN -- Insert on nested table translates to insert on base table.INSERT INTO vehicle_details ( vehicle_id, company_id, vehicle_model_name ) VALUES ( : Vehicle.vehicle_id, : Company.company_id, : Vehicle.vehicle_model_name ); END; INSERT INTO TABLE ( SELECT vw.vehiclelist FROM company_vehicles_view vw WHERE company_id = 101 ) VALUES (1, 'Eco Sport'); INSERT INTO TABLE ( SELECT vw.vehiclelist FROM company_vehicles_view vw WHERE company_id = 101 ) VALUES (2, 'Endeavour'); Dhaval Dadhaniya is a software engineer by profession and reader/writter by passion.

This is confusing, but it does at least disclose the presence of an INSTEAD OF trigger.

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The underlying object is the same internal worktable we saw earlier, though here it is named table might not be what you were expecting (if you were expecting a seek on Row ID): This 'seek' returns all rows from the worktable that have an action code of 3 (delete), making it exactly equivalent to the Deleted Scan operator seen in AFTER trigger plans.

The same internal worktable is used to hold rows for both column alone.

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