Ubuntu wireless validating authentication

The indication is that when the user is prompted to enter credentials, the domain and username fields are greyed out, with only the password field being editable.The Registry key containing the credentials is at: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Eapol\User Eap Info You can also use the command line and issue the following command: reg delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\EAPOL\User Eap Info /f Note: Modifying the Windows Registry incorrectly can cause serious problems with your operating system. If your system has multiple utilities for managing wireless connections, they may be conflicting with each other.Ubuntu Broadcom Wireless Card Issue: There is a known issue with Ubuntu and certain Broadcom wireless cards causing computer freezes when accessing Beaver Net.

The Dell utility can be disabled by removing the check from the "Let this tool manage your wireless networks" field.

Under Firefox 2, as well as with other web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari, OCSP is disabled by default.

When OCSP is disabled, the Guest Welcome page appears immediately when a user initially tries to access any web page.

The Macintosh appears particularly prone to this behavior.

Solution: The way to restore connectivity is to connect to a different Caltech wireless network than you were previously on.

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