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If you’re looking to get involved in some Internet dating and you want to dating swingers, well, you need to understand the swing life style if you’re truly serious about hooking up with swingers.I’m going to share some information with you that might help you meet some swinger folks using the trusty Fuckbook dating site.Love both Magazines and thank Larry Flynt for his contributions to our constitutional rights, and I am a personal fan of Larry Flynt’s publicity and dry humor. Hatcher would Read More Several people have asked Mike Hatcher, why people swing, so I decided to delve into this a bit further.Playboy magazine is great because I get to look at the celebrities, I remember people saying who the hell would want to look at Lyndsey Lohan nude? Swinging isn’t something that occurs to many couples out there and you may have asked yourself why any couple would want to swing in the first place.

This time of the Read More When Mike Hatcher was younger, (that’s me for the first time readers) he would sneak a peak at magazines from Hustler to Playboy.

Swingers come in all races, genders, sizes and shapes. These men and women don’t wear signs or marks on their faces and are not tattooed to display their nature or off hour activities.

In fact, you may not identify someone who swings just by their looks or character.

They most often use protection and even though it may seem like some are careless being so open about having multiple partners, they aren’t.

Instead, they take pride in protecting themselves and their partners.

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