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But what the boxes really held was irrefutable proof of the crimes Jeffs had committed – including audio recordings of him having sex with young girls.“That’s the first time the world gets a snapshot,” Jessop said. “You saw the Jeffs administration, particularly Warren, use that secrecy and that idea to market that this is about religious persecution,” Jessop said.Like Warren Jeffs’ mansion, the infamous red Cadillac Escalade was also purchased by Jessop at a public auction.

HILDALE – It’s been nine years since Warren Jeffs, leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was captured by authorities. 28, 2006, that the fugitive, then 50 years old, was apprehended during a traffic stop in Las Vegas, Nevada.“The innocence of the people was somewhat taken at the traffic stop, in that prior to that you go back to a level of secrecy, a level of uncertainty,” Jessop said. That was significant, Jessop said, because Warren Jeffs had banned the color red, and he would never have publicly ridden around his own community in a red vehicle where followers could have seen him.“He absolutely told them (his followers) that it was the color of the devil, or it was a color that was the devil’s color,” Jessop said.During his incarceration, Jeffs also made confessions to his church leaders, Jessop said, placing numerous phone calls to his first counselors and some of the bishops within the FLDS church.But even these admissions from their prophet’s own mouth weren’t enough to convince many of Jeffs’ followers.

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