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Before he could even utter a syllable they had both flung their arms around him in a warm, welcoming embrace. ” Daniel’s mom said, patting him and taking one of his bags.“T-thanks, I’m happy to see you,” awkwardly Daniel returned the hugs and tried his best to smile at them both.

The awkwardness of not having seen one another swept away by the deep bonds of love forged almost a decade ago.The snow had been shoveled from the stone walk-way thankfully as he drudged his suit cases towards the house.Suddenly the front door busted open and two brightly bundled up figures came rushing out yelling his name excitedly.Unfortunately they chose to split up custody of them, moving to different states. It wasn’t until 7 years after their divorce one winter that Katey’s mother recieved a phone call with sad news about her father.She told Katey he had an accident and was killed by a drunk driver.

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