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That same car salesman takes the time to ask you what you’re looking for in a car: speed, price, mileage, safety…and you WILL buy from him, because you’re getting to choose on your terms, without any pressure.This is what women routinely forget when they’re angling for marriage.It would be easy for me to tell you to run from him.I’m sure some of the other readers will say just that.

He’s offered the following compromise: in a few years, when we decide to have kids, then we can get married. Now I feel that this big difference in values is constantly hanging over me, and is making me feel negatively about things.

If you push for marriage too soon, before he’s ready, you will not get married to him. The way you have the greatest leverage over your man is if he can’t imagine his life without you.

One and a half years into knowing my wife, I could easily imagine life without her.

See, ever since we started dating – even before we started dating and knew each other through friends – I knew this guy didn’t believe in marriage.

I know you’re going to say: “Why didn’t you pay attention to the negatives?

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That is everything you want and the way things should be. Those things exist apart from the marriage and in a way he has demonstrated them by being willing to do something he doesn’t believe in to be WITH YOU.

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