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It also can’t hurt that the concept of personalized branding for dating sites, while predictable, is nevertheless in the very early stages of becoming systematized.The demand for the kind of service that Fern offers, however, is indicative of a larger online trend.But is this entirely new, or just an antiquated practice reinterpreted through a modern lens?

It first happened when I mentioned her to my best friend, who remembered meeting her years ago at a party.Otherwise ordinary individuals have propelled themselves into the role of “influencers” while social media seems to take up more and more of our emotional, intellectual, and economic space.Portland is its own unique microcosm of this trend, now known as the Silicon Forest—home to Intel employees, Silicon Valley transplants, and a vast array of startup companies focused on the booming tech market.These elements of relative local culture have attracted young people to visit and move here in droves, and Fern Date is precisely the nexus where the impact of technology meets the individual.adafshar herself arrived here from Berkeley more than seven years ago and is thus familiar with rapidly changing urban and cultural landscapes.

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