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By Harriet Farkash Your boss is expecting that report yesterday. You’ve got to get a present for your sister’s birthday and finish reading that book for book club…

How on Earth are you meant to fit dating in, right?

If time is precious, there’s no point wasting it with a man or woman who you know aren’t right for you.

Click here to create an instant love life from anywhere in the world, no matter what your age. You’re probably not dating because you don’t want it bad enough.

Just know that change happens when you want it to happen. Your friend, Evan Evan, Do you really think we are “less marketable” two years later?

Now they’re two years older, two years more frustrated, and two years less marketable. Because they wanted results, but they weren’t willing to work hard to achieve them.

If you are busy and you want to have a love life, online dating is the best way to go. You’re paying 00 to get set up with 10 people that you might not want to go out with.

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