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You can influence the reorganization of the neuronal networks in your brain by doing mental exercises, in similar fashion as you can help your muscles to restore their functionality after experiencing a paralysis or other kind of trauma.

Lumosity brain training program is a good option for people who wish to improve the overall performance of their brain and help their brain to form new neuronal connections.

When the neuronal network related to painful memories starts to lose its strength, the intensity of your emotional pain decreases.

How can such decrease in the strength of the network be achieved?

You can begin the recovery process by starting to improve your brain today. No special software or other equipments are required.

You do not need any additional skills and you do not need to download anything to your computer.

These brain games are the result of collaboration of scientists in different universities, such as Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley and UCSF.If you are able to browse this web page, you are able to play the brain training games created by Lumos Lab.Lumosity brain training games are based on vast array of research results that have been published in respected peer reviewed scientific journals.These changes occur as the result of changes in the concentration of certain neurotransmitters that are participating in the regulation of mood, such as serotonin and dopamine.This view of the development of depression alters from previous views in a profound way.

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  1. When Laura, 29, of Kansas City, MO, was an online-dating newbie, "I would write back to anyone who seemed 'nice' in his email to me, even if we had nothing in common, just to give him a chance," she says.