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Season 1 was helmed by Show Runner and Co-Executive Producer Liz Bronstein, whose vision of the show as a spoof of the Bachelor and comedic send up of reality shows was widely praised.

Executive Producers for W tv are Lauren Gellert, Sitarah Pendelton-Eaglin and David Stefanou.

It was broadcast in the United Kingdom that same year.

A sequel, The Next Joe Millionaire, followed in October 2003.

Hogan was not actually the host of the program - Alex Mc Leod was the program's host, although she appeared only briefly on each episode, for an estimated total of five minutes during the six-episode season.

A scene from the show implied that Kozer and Marriott engaged in a sex act while out for a walk together. In the VH1 program VH1 News Presents: Reality TV Secrets Revealed she alleges that her statement "let's go somewhere quiet" was in fact spoken while she was receiving a back massage from another female contestant and that the producers dubbed it in during post editing and added suggestive sound effects and subtitles.

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narrator Iain Stirling, crushing the hearts of millions.

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