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[Audience laughs] Andrew: I think when I had to say in the first series "That's what people do! [Mark laughs] I'd be a Malibu and Pineapple." Mark: [to Charlotte] Sorry! [Adopts an American accent] "I made this little picture called uh, 'Doctor Who." We did this yesterday, the James Lipton thing [from 'Inside the Actors Studio] that Americans always do. The people around him are not enjoying themselves very much, but he does. The music is really extraordinary, and it seemed to sort of strike me to dance, so I did. Audience Question 3: I was wondering Mark, whose idea was it to use 'Lazarus' as the codeword? [Audience cheers and applauds] Mark: You are allowed to clap. The great thing about Moriarty is that he really enjoys himself. Sherlock and Mycroft have a very spiky relationship but obviously it comes from a place of deep affection I think. We did actually take a bit out of The Great Game, which was very explicitly about what might have gone on, we thought it was a bit too early.

Audience Question 13: First of all, you have a lot of fans in Chile, and I was wondering if you could say hello to them for the camera!

So we were trying to be careful not to overuse him, and in fact it's one of the measures of Andrew's brilliance that actually he's not on screen that often, but he has a huge presence. But really it was about foregrounding the character earlier because of the scale of the films really. Andrew: Oh, I'm going to have to say someone other than Mrs Hudson. [Audience laughs] Mark: He had a great time actually! ' [Andrew has dissolved into giggles, while the audience is howling with laughter throughout] Mark: That's what I'd ask. [Mark and Andrew share a glance at each other, before Andrew mimes...] Andrew: 'WESTWOOD! [Andrew and the audience explode with laughter] Andrew: It's a much better line 'Westwood', much better!

We've all become used to it as they are the great sparring partners. ' Mark: [American accent] 'Have you been working out? Audience Question 10: Out of all the characters in Sherlock, who do you think is the most fashionable?

And secondly I'd like to thank everyone in yellow as you guys rock! Audience Question 2: And finally because a lot of us are foreigners, if you, sir, the host, you've been asking great questions but we don't know who you are if you could give us your credentials as we don't know you. [Andrew and the audience explode with laughter] Mark: So you know, be careful what you say! Audience Question 4: I wanted to ask about the relationship between Moriarty and John in the show. I was wondering what Moriarty thinks of John and the role he has in Sherlock's life? He's like Sherlock's human companion, because they are very alike - "we're very alike you and I, Mr Bond." Moriarty regards Sherlock as an equal, or almost his equal, and vice versa, he thinks it is quite cute and sweet that he has someone following him around telling him how good he is.

Audience Question 2: I'd like to know if you built a back story for Mycroft and Sherlock when they were children, because they hate each other so much, so what did you do to him as a kid? Mark: I can exclusively reveal that David is the villain in Series Four! Andrew: Yeah, because when you hear the music live, rather than 'we're going to be playing this music later' and you never hear it, it's brilliant, it feels like live theatre.

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