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It’s possibly panelist Ellease Ebele Oseye who said it best: “A crossroads—life to death, even social death—that’s the moment that becomes the heart of the poet.” Poets rise to the occasion to illuminate the cracks that don’t match up, regardless of obstacles.

If poetry brings us together and preserves our sanities, allowing us to remain inquisitive and engaged and understanding on the fight towards fixing our problems, then there’s no question that it’s a priceless tool for change.

Is it enough to write down our truths and experiences? I spent the beginning of my life listening to others, and [now] I share what I think feels incredibly empowering.” Poetry can awaken a desire to communicate, to impart wisdom and ideas.

It’s surely a question many have wondered about in the context of both personal and social change, and it’s worth examining effects on both the creators and the receivers. For Rankine and Poe, poetry remains a way to add deeper layers to daily conversations.

“If you’re writing poetry, you start loving it, even if you don’t continue on [writing].

You love to read it.” Searching for a sense of belonging was the strongest influence among WNBA panelists for turning to poetry to illustrate their worlds, suggesting that the conditions feeding our desire to write are truly universal.

Constantly risking absurdity and death whenever he performs above the heads of his audience the poet like an acrobat climbs on rime to a high wire of his own making From “Constantly Risking Absurdity,” Lawrence Ferlinghetti Poetry has a pulse, a transformative power. This was the Women’s National Book Association’s fourth collaboration with Pace, and they will celebrate their one hundredth birthday next year.

It embodies rather than dictates, prefers to examine instead of observe. There is little poetry cannot do, no topic it won’t address. Established before women had the right to vote, the WNBA aims to “connect, educate, advocate, and lead in the literary community,” according to their mission statement.

You can write a poem about anything.” The emphasis on writing is an interesting point that Studdard touched on again later.Instead of spitting insults or exploding in fear, poets gather thoughts and spur movement, capturing themes that can apply to a larger landscape.Poems emerge despite outside perils, and in fact, are often fueled by them. The night after America stood reeling from a surprising presidential upset, the Women’s National Book Association brought together a group of female poets at Pace University to discuss “The Power of Poetry in a Complex World.” Never had a topic felt so timely, providing a chance to direct energies towards something greater than loss or fear or anger.“The WNBA was founded on the belief that books and words have the power to enact cultural change for the disenfranchised, and throughout the last century we’ve seen just how right our founders were. “Literature is a way of introducing ourselves to each other.

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It’s a sentiment that has remained consistent throughout America’s long, complex history, and the evening’s tone echoed that sense of responsibility toward writers and their impactful art forms. I was especially taken by panelist Melissa Studdard’s thoughtful approach, noting that “poetry, the way it’s composed, has a tendency to get inside a reader and stay there differently than everyday language.

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