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Alberto Alessi, the manager of the company, recalls: "I received a napkin from Starck; on it, among some incomprehensible marks – tomato sauce, in all likelihood – there were some sketches. They started on the left and as they worked their way over to the right, they took on the unmistakable shape of what was to become the Juicy Salif lemon squeezer.

First produced in 1990, this squeezer is as controversial as many of Starck's other designs.

Since my friend Scott just sits over the wall from me, I asked him for a baking assignment.The first recipe was created by Bill Yosses who is the Executive Pastry Chef at the White House. Yosses's recipe not only avoided the use of any extracts, but it used almost every part of the lemon.Bill explains that he likes to use small segments of lemon in the batter because as the cake bakes, the juice evaporates and leaves behind little powerful pockets of lemon goodness. The second recipe was one I found on Epicurious that had several good reviews.When Ford and Microsoft teamed up to put together the ultimate entertainment and communication system, it received a tremendous amount of positive press.Sync has a lofty goal, serving as an all-in-one unit that allows you to make hands-free calls, receive audible text messages, connect to google maps, and control your music settings.

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