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Places in Kiev to meet beautiful girls Kiev apartments rent Stephanie Cooke Talking Comics Deena Pagliarello The myriad ways online dating has changed the way we interact with our potential partners .best Lao Fashion images on Pinterest Thai dress Laos and Wind West is a popular live music pub located in Rue Setthathirath in downtown Vientiane It was packed when I visited Saturday night with a chic local .When publishing houses in neighbouring Siam began to produce cheap copies of traditional Lao stories in the 1930s, it was common for monks from Vientiane to buy and then recopy them onto palm leaves for use during sermons in the Lao temples.

The earliest Lao prose writing dating from this so-called Samay Funfou Xat (National Renovation) era was composed in the French language and translated into Lao, but this subsequently gave way to works composed in Lao.

By the start of the Lane Xang era (14th century) Buddhist wats had begun to emerge as important centres of learning in which sacred texts in Pali were copied onto palm leaves for study and recitation.

THE LITERATURE OF LAOS DURING THE LANE XANG ERAThe earliest recorded history of the Lao dates from the period immediately following the establishment of the kingdom of Lane Xang in the late 14th century, but the development of an indigenous Lao literary tradition is usually attributed to the reigns of three illustrious kings of the 16th century – Wisunarath (1500-1520), Photisarath (1520-1550) and Sai Setthathirat I (1550-1571).

During the same period traditional literature was also used extensively by the Pathet Lao resistance to convey its political message to the Lao people, teaching proper behaviour and demonstrating the evils of feudal rule and foreign domination.

This period also saw the publication of Maha Sila Viravongs’ Phongsawadan Lao (‘History of Laos’, 1957) and Lao Language Dictionary (1962).

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