Land registry updating registered owners

All details we supply (title register and title plan) are kept in PDF format.To download PDF files you will need PDF viewing software installed.Copies of title registers, title plans and Flood Risk Indicator results for more than 20 million registered properties in England and Wales can be purchased and downloaded in PDF format.The title register includes ownership details and, for most properties which have changed hands since April 2000, the property price information.

It’s also often not obvious how to update this information, so you can use the following to guide you through the process.The action you will need to take depends greatly on whether the deceased was the sole or joint owner of the property.If you’re not sure, you should start by checking the property records.This website complies with the W3C XHTML 1.0 Standard and as such should be viewable by any browser which complies with this standard.You must have cookies enabled to use the full functionality of this site.

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For example, a search by a specific postal address and/or title number, will reveal freehold and leasehold properties that match that address.

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