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(Her father John Aniston is a successful soap-opera actor and her godfather was ,’ she says.‘It was one of the best times of my life and it feels like a very precious thing to me; anything that happens from this point is a cherry on top of the cake.‘I think it’s because it’s such a positive story,’ reflects the actress.‘People go to the movies and escape with big crazy plot lines, but this is simple.‘There is no relationship or connection with parents, friends, partners or lovers that’s ever like the one you have with a dog,’ says Jennifer, who admits to having shed a few tears herself when she watched the film recently.‘It is so nice to open your door and have someone immediately run to you and kiss you and jump on you. It’s all about food and love.’But no one could anticipate how the film would strike a chord with audiences of all ages.We grew up together.’Time off, she says, is usually spent at home in Los Angeles. I’ve been working on my house for the past year and a half, which has been really fulfilling. ‘Sunsets makes me happy, silly things make me happy.I love cooking and going out to dinner; I like to watch movies. A nice bottle of wine with some good cheese makes me happy.

Drake, her rumored boyfriend, attends the match, standing for much of it. And then my friend came over to my house and told me she had a sex dream about Liam [Hemsworth].”Josh texts Jennifer: lol that interview Jennifer: hahah Jennifer: yeah Josh: which friend of yours had the liam dream? Josh: why aren’t any of your friends having dreams about me!!! Jennifer: don’t even think about it Jennifer: dreams dont mean anything Josh: yeah, that’s true Jennifer: Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston go on a double date in Austin with Justin Theroux and Bryan Randall. Justin is in the bathroom; Bryan went back into the restaurant to get his coat.“That was really fun! you guys seems so happy, and ,” Sandra says, checking to make sure Bryan isn’t coming up behind them.I almost took one home with me, but I’ve only just finished training my dog Dolly [a two-year-old german shepherd], so to have two more years of, “No! The increased intrusion of the paparazzi – tracking her every move with telephoto lenses – has made her wary of giving away too much. She does say that she has no idealised expectations about anything – including romance. We were as close as a family ever could be during those ten years.They will always be my family, whether we are in the same room and talking regularly or not.Yet the chic look doesn’t conceal her youthful exuberance. Jen’s appeal lies in that girl-next-door quality she embodies so thoroughly.More than any other A-list actress, she makes you feel you know her.

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’‘Back then I became the spokesperson for hairstyles, which is ironic considering that I don’t even know how to do my own hair very well,’ she insists (although to me it looks fantastically glossy, as always).

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