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The name Jerusalem has two parts: Yira, which means "to see," and shalem, which means "peace." This is the place of peace where God is seen. Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Joshua Isaac Shapira, a leader of 19th century European Jewry known by the nickname Reb Eisele Charif.Elsewhere, God is a theory, but in Israel, God is seen and felt as a tangible presence. The story is told that when his daughter was ready to get married, Reb Eisel sought out the top yeshiva student.(Maimonides – Beit Ha Bechira 2:2) King David purchased this very plot of land to be the site of the first Holy Temple, which was built by King Solomon in 825 BCE.Although 400 years later enemies of the Jews destroyed the Holy Temple and drove the Jews from their land, the Jews returned 70 years later to rebuild the second Holy Temple on the very same spot.From this place, the whole world is cast into perspective.The centrality of Jerusalem – and particularly Mount Moriah – has continued throughout history.At Compatible Partners, it all starts with our comprehensive Relationship Questionnaire that captures your unique values, attitudes, personality traits and interests.

This went on for days, but when no one came up with the correct answer, Reb Eisel packed up and left.If you say the answer is that "the history of the Jews happens there," then why couldn't it all have happened in some other place?Theodore Herzl entertained a plan for the Jews to live in Uganda, and a 19th century American diplomat named Mordechai Manuel Noah launched a "Jewish Homeland" on a small island near Niagara Falls.He entered the study hall and announced: "I have a very difficult question on a passage in the Talmud.Whoever can supply the correct answer will have my daughter's hand in marriage." Soon a long line formed, and one by one the students tried to provide the answer.

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