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But thanks to a quirk of timing, Sessions will travel to Capitol Hill for one of his regularly scheduled appearances before the committee, which has oversight responsibility for the Department of Justice.It will be the first time that Sessions has spoken publicly since news of the plea deal by George Papadopoulos and the testimony by Carter Page, who have contradicted Sessions’s sworn statement that he was unaware of any Trump campaign contacts with Russian operatives.“On Tuesday, I’d like to understand more about what that relationship was, between Sessions and Papadopoulos.I’d also like to know if Carter Page reported to Jeff Sessions.”Last week the bizarrely gabby Page appeared before the House Intelligence Committee and detailed his work for the Trump campaign and his 2016 journey to Moscow, where he met with a deputy prime minister.

Yet Nadler, for one, is keeping his focus on the larger context and not on interim tactical choices.The hole has grown considerably deeper in the past two weeks, first when special counsel Robert Mueller unveiled a guilty plea from Papadopoulos, a member of the campaign foreign policy and national security team headed by Sessions.In a March 31, 2016, meeting of the group, Papadopoulos apparently advocated a meeting between candidate Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin—a proposal that Sessions is said to have shut down.“Carter Page testified he told Sessions, during the campaign, that he was going to Russia—and that he wasn’t waved off,” says Representative Eric Swalwell, who was one of Page’s questioners and who also sits on the Judiciary Committee, so will get a crack at Sessions.“Page wasn’t told, ‘That’s a bad idea.’ And that conversation was never acknowledged or disclosed by Sessions. in the wake of Trump’s recent tweets attacking the department’s integrity, and how Sessions plans to preserve the documents and evidence that Mueller has collected in the event that Trump fires the special counsel.

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