Internet dating tactics

Those in the "hot" box are the ones you want to respond to first.

You can always go back to the "wait and see" if a hot contender turns out to be, in truth, not lighting your fire.

Or that guy who used to date my sister's best friend? Designate a limited block of time for reading and responding to profiles.

"I used to sit at my computer reading postings and emailing.

C., recently plunged into online dating, setting his sights on D.

C.-area women who were at least 5'6" and over age 35, with no upper age limit.

Everest with the love of your life really shouldn't factor in at this stage of the game.

Instead, you want to be developing meaningful conversations with the cream of the online crop—your most promising contacts.

"There's no need to read someone's profile if you're not attracted physically." One way to make this work for you is to follow this plan: "I review profiles in 'photo gallery' format so I can see several at once," says Kim, 35, from Annapolis, MD.

"If I'm not grabbed by the picture, I may never get to the profile.

When the show's over, I have to log off." Tricking yourself into setting limits in this way works by keeping you very focused. , explains it this way: "When you loiter online, you start convincing yourself you like people you have nothing in common with.

It's better to sort through profiles and emails quickly, just going with your instincts." Louis, 38, of Washington, D.

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