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You might be able to fake it for now by suspending events on the store but that may have other consequences.The current issue I'm having is that the animated toggle component I'm adding skips animation when I toggle from 'yes' to 'no' because after the store value is updated it redraws the component. overloading the component's on Click method and then passing the record and data Index into the component, then saving the record in the overloaded method instead.I hope that what my extension lacks in scaling it makes up for in saved development time.There are some demos if you follow the link but, as a taster, the code for rendering a combobox might look something like this: Ext.create('Envisioned is a beautiful and powerful portfolio theme that enables you to easily create professional, multi-media galleries.

Configuring the same column as an editor with a checkbox xtype the record's fields are updated (was my previous config). Can you confirm if this works for Ext JS V4.1.0Beta? After I added them to my original post, I saw that you replied. If you could let me know your use case I'll try to include it in the next version.

When I use a checkbox xtype in the renderer for the componentcolumn, the store's record is not updated (get Updated Records() returns nothing).

I also listen to the 'update' event of the store and that one is not fired. Check Column, as demonstrated here: if you did do it using a Component Column it would be something like this: Hi Skirtle, I did not get your reply on the forum via mail.

Additionally, if I have autosync enabled on the store all the components in the grid will redraw when a toggle is.. This also fixed the issues I was having with grids that had row editors on them.

I really like this component; thank you for coding this.

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