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Comments: This is my son's first trunk for his first away camp and I think it will last him for years. Comments: I'm very pleased with the Happy Camper Footlocker.We looked at several models at local sporting goods stores and I was very disappointed by the quality. The trunk is sturdy with a heavy duty hasp for locking.After recalling some of the advertising claims, I said move over and I sat on the footlocker, also!In addition, the quality of the footlocker, I was even more impressed with the customer service of C&N.

Our camp trunks are all 32” long and 18” wide, the only difference is in the height of trunks. Our smallest trunk means that it costs the least and weighs the least.

While preparing to pack the footlocker, I observed my daughter sitting it.

My immediate reaction was to advise her to get off before she damaged it.

The spacious Happy Camper won’t stress you with concerns over comfortably storing everything your child needs at camp this summer.

The Happy Camper is available in endless exciting, solid colors.

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