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C'est pendant l'année qu'il a passée à Paris que David Jacobson a commencé à écrire le scénario de Down in the valley, dont l'idée de base était d'évoquer la vallée de San Fernando et le fait d'y grandir.Le cinéaste explique : "C'était assez étrange d'écrire sur un endroit comme la vallée de San Fernando tout en vivant à Paris.Today, everybody is talking about Westworld and the twisted plot that the TV series has.Classified as a “Robo-drama” by HBO, the series is filled with star casts like Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, James Marden and this makes the series definitely watch-worthy.Actress Evan Rachel Wood, playing Dolores Abernathy in the series also adds to that.Her portrayal of the character, and the character itself keeps people glued to the screen. So, if you want to know about the beautiful actress that plays the innocent yet complicated Dolores, you’re in the right place.Nicknamed as Evie, Wood got her high school diploma when she was 15.

But the director really takes his time to tell the story. Some might be boring or not my cup of tea, but bad isn’t his thing.6) Rory Culkin (I am guessing you remember his brother Macaulay) is really good. Lorsque Tobe, une adolescente délurée, rencontre Harlan, c'est le coup de foudre. Inquiet du comportement étrange et de la passion qu'inspire cet inconnu chez elle, Wade leur interdit définitivement de se revoir, mais Harlan n'a pas dit son dernier mot...She smokes, takes drugs and doesn’t mind inviting the cute southern cowboy wannabe Harlan (Edward Norton) to the beach.She doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that she just met him or he is older than her.

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