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We seemed to fall in love very quickly as I flew to see her one month later. I enjoyed Wyatt Fisher's site more than the others because you got the feeling the majority of the people there are truly followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was most definitely a skeptic when it came to online dating, but the world is a hard place to find someone with the same beliefs and interests. I never would have thought that I would have found my soul mate, but God does amazing things. At first, I was really skeptical about the whole online dating ordeal, but I had no other way of meeting anyone (I'm the only 20-something in my whole church, and I go to beauty school.girls).I stayed for 9 days and proposed on a beach in Dubai the day before I came home. I had heard an ad for Christian Crush on Way FM back around Christmas time, and figured why not use the resources available if nothing else had worked.To protect your confidentiality, feel free to leave out your names or use fake ones.Also, by clicking "submit," you give Christian the privilege of sharing your testimony on our site.A couple of months later, I met the love of my life through Christian Crush.We got married last year, and we both agree that we were created for each other.Without it, we would probably never have met each other!

It's my first ever relationship, and it's the most amazing, God-organized thing that I can attest to ever witnessing.We are now looking at getting married on Memorial Day weekend in late May.We met July of this year...talked everyday for hours and finally we decided to meet last week..spent the most wonderful moments of our lives together because GOD made it possible through the help of Christian Crush.... I had been on Christian Crush for a few weeks just looking at profiles within a 50 mile radius.This advice struck Webb, who works with data for a living, as preposterous.She had calculated that, in the entire city of Philadelphia, only 35 men had all the qualities she was look for and was still single.

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