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With your purchase of a World Globe, you join an exclusive group, once consisting almost entirely of the most wealthy and best educated members of society.

The following information has been prepared to enable you to quickly educate yourself so you can make an informed and sound decision as you purchase your ideal globe.

But that didn't stop the director from giving an executive producer credit.

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World globes come in an incredible assortment of types and sizes.

Long accepted as the most accurate means through which to render a map, there is no substitute for these 3 dimensional replicas of our earth, with their ability to fire the imagination and stretch the understanding of the human mind.

World Globes give the user an unparalleled perspective on geographic and political influences affecting every aspect of our lives, while providing a profound insight into just how deeply interdependent we have become with our global neighbors.

Among the tools World Globe Universe provides is our exclusive navigation aid.

Even with hundreds of choices, you are never more than 4 clicks away from previewing a concise selection of World Globes that meet your exact requirements!

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