Dating with crohns

I have had long periods of time when I literally could not even look at my waist in a mirror.

He's very shy, quiet and hardly talks to anyone but his close mate, they're both bachelors, it was my new 'hairdo' (my wig since hair loss due to low dose chemo for my crohn's) that did it, they were lightheartedly arguing whether it was me or not!I am barely getting any output from my colostomy in at least a month, and I have absolutely no appetite.Last year I was in hospital with what they thought was a partial small bowel obstruction. My dr told me to drink Citrucel everynight to become regular.(Take the same precautions meeting people at these sites as you would any other.) For additional help and information, try the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America at 1-800-932-2423 (org).One of the upsides of college: all that new freedom!

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Views: 904 Replies: 15 Disposing of an ostomy bag at a friend's house I have an ileostomy and i like to use closed end pouches and change them twice a day.

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