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That’s the working assumption every time your child encounters a single dad?

So, Brynna’s last name is Janson, but my last name is still Eggleston. There’s Brynna.“Mom, why are you always answering the door?

So I’ve been sleeping on the floor for the last nine nights.

I started doing it because I had a couple days of inexplicable lower back pain, and I had been reading about more natural forms of sleeping.

Convincing Your Parents Planning the Sleepover Enjoying the Sleepover Community Q&A Sleepovers are traditionally one-gender only, but nowadays lots of people host fun sleepovers where everybody is invited.

They can be a little tricky to pull off though—you have to convince your parents that it’s okay first!

You also have to plan activities everyone will enjoy and make sure things don’t get too out of hand!

Not only do they obsess about every little detail of parenting as if it’s a make-or-break decision, but often they indulge in Worst-First thinking (dreaming up the worst possible scenario and proceeding as if it is likely to happen).

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Of course I joined in, with the invitation from both women.

Here are two links on natural sleeping that have been passed around in the : The Ergonomics of Sleep and Slumber’s Unexplored Landscape.

I’m also reading At Day’s Close: Night in Time’s Past, research into what people used to do at night (before electricity) and how they used to sleep.

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After a hard knock on the door, you’re in the backseat of your mom’s car. You have this terrible feeling everything you see is trying to kill you. “Also, we’re calling your mom first thing in the morning.” Brynna’s still asleep, but you run downstairs as fast as you can and bolt out the door.

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