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He made it clear in a long e-mail, asking her to give him a chance to find "a part of you that still loves me." But after several "negotiated truces," as her mother calls them, it was over in May 2011, a few weeks before their graduation from Wayland High School in Massachusetts.But Lauren, 18, didn't stop worrying about Nate, especially as he withdrew from his friends.

It could be as simple as diverting a friend's attention when he hollers at a girl on the street, encouraging your sister to talk to her boyfriend instead of secretly checking his texts, sneaking off to call 911 when the popular guys start messing with a girl who's barely conscious.

Student athletes on Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School's Mentors in Violence Prevention team were trained to speak up when they spot a warning sign or dangerous situation.

Click through to see how students create a healthier community.

It takes more than classroom education to change cultural norms, Banyard said.

It requires community intervention, marketing and government policies, much like the fight to change perceptions of drunken driving and smoking.

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He had strangled her with a bungee cord, stabbed her multiple times and slashed her throat.

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