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You can do this by logging into the account that you wish to close, and using the checklist sharing feature to share each checklist with the other account (simply click "share" from each checklist and type your username (case-sensitive) instead of the email address in the "share" field. ), be sure to accept the checklists by logging into your other account BEFORE deleting them from your original account.After this process is complete, you can change your password on the account you no longer want to maintain so that you don't ever accidentally log in--one good way to do this is to use a password like "DO NOT USE" that you will never accidentally log in for. " links at the e Bird login page (as long as your email address is correct) if you should lose this information in the future.After manually adding customers, or importing customer contact information to your directory, you may end up with duplicate records.Duplicate records may incorrectly increase the total number of customers in your directory, and lead to increased pricing for Square Marketing subscriptions.Note: Do not use this feature to upload files containing illegal content or sensitive confidential information, including personal health information or credit card information.Learn how to upload files to customer profiles from the Square Point of Sale app Your Customer Directory lets you add timestamped notes to your customers’ profiles and reminders to revisit those notes in the future.Collecting payment from your customers is even easier when their payment cards are saved to your directory.

Learn more about managing your Customer Directory from the Square app.

From your online Square Dashboard, you can also upload customer profiles in bulk.

To do so: Your Customer Directory will identify potential duplicate profiles if two or more customers share the same email address and/or phone number.

When adding customers to your directory, make sure their information stays safe – don’t store sensitive or confidential information in the notes field, such as credit card numbers or sensitive health information.

To add customers to your directory: Note: Clients who book services with your business using Square Appointments and Square Invoices are automatically added to your Customer Directory.

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Also, if you're merging two accounts and one has a symbol in the name, you'll get an error.

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