Are ke ha and t pain dating

Anika pops up and says what happened to Shivaye, tell me. Bhavya says Rudra said he is working, Om is saying Shivaye is ill. Pinky says Jhanvi should have got angry by now, what are they doing. Jhanvi says for making me realize, you can never change. Jhanvi says he went for meeting, not to meet Shwetlana, I forgot the woman who can break son’s house, how can she see my house getting better, stop this, else you will fall in my sight. Om says I m sure, its three devis, Rudra go, Shivaye has baby, and Bhavya interrogates a lot, go.

Shivaye says that’s the only way, its not easy, if media knows, this should be a secret. Om asks one week, how will we manage baby, its tough.

Some time before, Bhavya gets ready to break door and hits Rudra.

He thinks thank God Anika is not here, else she would have asked 50 questions.

Shivaye says this baby and its written in card that one of us is baby’s father. Shivaye says I think some business rival wants to defame us, till we find truth, this matter should be between us, Rudra does not digest anything. Rudra talks to baby and says you got a hot uncle, smile, if this baby was grown up, we would have known whose baby is this, if this was Shivaye’s child, he would have done this gesture, he would have spoken strange things if this was Om’s child.

Om says yes, but she was not in India, how is this possible. Om says shut up, children don’t happen this way, she would have told me.

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Ishqbaaz 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Omru dance.

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