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Update: The best Apple Watch apps list is one we're constantly updating.

Here's what's been making our i Phone smartwatch tick.

Inside the app there are workouts designed to last 1, 4 and 7 minutes respectively, covering strength training and cardio.

One minute doesn’t sound particularly strenuous but you’ll be surprised: the app appears to be haunted by the ghost of a particularly sadistic circuit training coach, and you’ll definitely feel the seven-minute workout across your body.

Night Sky is one of those gee-whiz apps that you use to show off your i Phone, and the introduction of a complication to let you know if the International Space Station was overhead was cute in a geeky way.

But the arrival of watch OS 4 has given the developers plenty of new toys to play with, and that means Night Sky is now one of those gee-whiz apps you use to show off your Apple Watch.

Microsoft has become rather good at keeping its Watch apps simple, and One Note is no exception: tap the cross icon to dictate a new note, or tap a notebook or note to see its contents.

And that’s pretty much all it does - and that’s all it needs to do, because any watch screen is poorly suited to complex tasks.

The Misfit app is designed to connect to the firm’s various wearable health monitors and third-party devices from the likes of Swarovski and Speedo, but it’s a useful Watch app in its own right too even if you don’t have any other wearable devices.Transit is mainly for American users, but its city coverage extends to more than 50 non-US cities including London and Paris too.It’s a public transport app, and it works on a simple and largely accurate assumption: when you use the app, you’re in a hurry.The app also tries to motivate you during your workout - “Pain is weakness leaving the body” and that kind of thing - and it promises that no two workouts are alike, although realistically if you get bored during a one-minute workout you might need more motivation than any app can out).Its Watch efforts are much more successful, with the Watch doing what watches do best: timing.

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If there’s one thing the App Store isn’t short of, it’s note-taking apps.

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