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Dan, a long time New Yorker traveled to the South Pole multiple times in the late nineties to make images of icebergs. One they are very simple yet very powerful images, overwhelming in size and the color field of all blue in the ice and water, they are very meditative and endless in design and texture" .They also raise conciseness to environmental concerns.Gallery Sink is also a photography studio to serve clients with artwork documentation services, portraits, as well as product and fashion photography. "When I lie, I am closer to the truth than documentary photography." “ We look to photography to provide us with not just the evidence of what we know, but what we are missing, what we have dreamed of but have forgotten, what we thought we saw out of the corner of our eyes” Words are saved in the brain by photography and photography is a basic term and teaching tool of reading.Flash cards are used in the elementary beginnings of visualizing and vocabulary.Also on display will be selections from his forthcoming self-published limited edition folio Dresden Reliquary: Past Into Present, a suite of twenty-five prints with critical essays by American and German art historians.The exhibition and folio will be on display from MAY 30th – JULY 25th, 2003.At pm on Saturday, December 14th, 2002, Gallery Sink will be pleased to present Auction of Stars, including live and silent auctions of rare artworks by internationally renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Alice Neel, Imogen Cunningham, Chris Makos, Jean Michel Basquiat, Hugh O'Donnell, Red Grooms, Jock Sturges, Wes Kennedy, and many more.

These books subjects cover a broad spectrum of inquiry in invention and expression.These dazzling photos are not made simply as an art-world version of what you might see in the pages of National Geographic.Asher's project has a provocative edge that sparks discussions of melting polar ice caps and global warming. In this small collection, a group of kindred spirits who share a growing realization of the changing aesthetic of photography in this new millennium.A unique mixture of post-reunification construction, architecture remaining from more than forty years of Communist control, and the ongoing rebuilding from the World War ll firebombing is presented in Marsh’s large-scale photographic ink jet images.The remains of decaying former Soviet military complexes, abandoned factories and "forgotten" industrial complexes is contrasted with the classic architecture of the renowned Zwinger, surrounding gardens and monuments encountered during his three months photographing in Dresden provide a walk through the historic relics of a complex urban landscape.

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Robert Adams, whose work is in this show, has had a profound effect on a generation of young photographers, a few represented here.

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