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Change the color of the chat button/widget, chat message and font color, backgrounds, etc.This article on MTProto's End-to-End encryption is meant for advanced users.User A will be sent an update Encryption update with the constructor encrypted Chat, for the authorization key that initiated the chat.With g_b from the update, Client A can also compute the shared key Please note that your client must support Forward Secrecy in Secret Chats to be compatible with official Telegram clients.It makes sense to cache the values of the parameters together with the version in order to avoid having to receive all of the values every time.If the version stored on the client is still up-to-date, the server will return the constructor Config Not Modified.

Let us consider the following scenario: User A would like to initiate encrypted communication with User B.We recommend checking that g_a and g_b are between 2^ and p - 2^ as well.After User B confirms the creation of a secret chat with A in the client interface, Client B also receives up-to-date configuration parameters for the Diffie-Hellman method.For all of Client B’s authorized devices, except the current one, update Encryption updates are sent with the constructor encrypted Chat Discarded.Thereafter, the only device that will be able to access the secret chat is Device B, which made the call to messages.accept Encryption.

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